Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Truth To Power

Wendy went on Chicago Tonight a couple nights ago...

                      "This is a government that will distort facts." ----Wendy Katten

Watch the whole thing:

I understand that Wendy did go back to Goodlow to meet with the CPS safety person; I'm trying to get details of that meeting. What I think I heard was that press was barred, and I'm working for the man so I couldn't go along with a hidden camera. Goodlow is a terrific school with a great culture, a fantastic staff, and a very satisfied community, and no sane person whose been allowed in the building sees any room for the 340+ kids that CPS is going to bring over from Earle. Oh, and they're also firing the Goodlow staff.

This one really need explaining because from the outside (I've only walked the Earle-Goodlow route once and talked to parents from both schools), it looks to me like CPS just randomly threw this closure-relocation-firing together because they needed to make some quota for school closings. It's going to undo public education in the these schools serve.

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