Friday, December 20, 2013

Concept Schools Have Learned Rahm's Rules

Did you see this Linda Lutton piece about the highly sketchy Concept appearance at the recent CPS faux hearing? Basically they're shipping in random utterly clueless supporters, in keeping with the fake protestors that Rahm's buddies shipped into the school closing hearings two summers ago.

It's a nice catch by Linda Lutton. And nothing says Chicago more than fake protestors being bussed to fake hearings.

I'm going to embed the sound file because it's fabulous, and I love embedding things.

The more I learn about Concept, the more I feel like warning people about them. I know that our alderman is in love with them, but it's a deeply troubling network once you start studying the facts, and these details are going to become more and more apparent over time. I know people are uneasy talking about this issue, but I'm not. Not any more.

Incidentally, one of the reasons you see so little of this group's spiritual leader is that if you dare to post even a moment of one of his sermons on Youtube, the group hits you with copyright claims. Think about that for a moment.  It's happened even to little old me, and I'm certainly not the first.

Of course this makes me more determined than ever to get the word out. Stay tuned on that front.

One of my favorite memories from the Bowmanville meeting during Concept's attempted landing there was the older fellow with the heavy Turkish accent who said, "If I wanted corruption, I would have stayed in my own country." What he was talking about is exactly what we're going to be talking about here in the coming months.

We need to wake up, people. This is about corruption, transparency, and a very unsettling trend in the charter school sector.

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