Saturday, May 31, 2014

Charter Bill Update

Looks like I called the Charter Commission bill too early, as well as the Charter Accountability Act. 

That's what I get for doing policy updates  via Twitter on the bus. 

I'll do an official update when I hear from someone who was there, but I'm hearing that the charter commission bill died in the concurrence vote--possibly not a bad thing long term. Also, a watered down version of the Charter Accountability Act appears to have passed. 

Details when I get them. I hate to be wrong twice. 

Meanwhile--- the May meeting of the State Charter Commission was canceled, but if anyone is going to the June one, please get in touch. I'll be away for that meeting, but we definitely need for someone to be at the June meeting. 

There's something that needs looking into; if you can help, send me a note. @tbfurman

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