Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dragnet! Peoria Concept School Raided By FBI

Glen Barton, CEO of Concept's charter school in Peoria, confirms that FBI agents with search warrants came on June 4.

Barton also served on the state charter school commission, which in my opinion, was a conflict of interest throughout his tenure.  He's still attached to the Concept school in Peoria. He does a good job here of trying to diffuse the focus on Concept:
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Barton said the raid was “in response to a federal program that provides funding to schools — all schools, not just charter schools — to upgrade infrastructure and requires a certain level (of) low-income students to qualify.” The school explored that program, but did not apply for it, according to Barton.

“I think it’s sort of an issue why were singled out,” said Barton, who believed the search was unnecessary.

Yes, the E-rate program is for all schools. But as far as I can tell, warrants were only served on Concept charter schools. And no, Quest wasn't singled out. The entire Concept system is being investigated.

Concept's spokesperson apparently also let it out that:
FBI officials also inquired about “certain external individuals/entities” that had performed computer server upgrades and personnel development. None of those services were paid by Quest using grant funds, according to the statement.
Interesting. The whole idea of "external individuals" is interesting in the Gulen-linked world. There's so much interconnectedness; it's very likely that the Cleveland FBI office is looking at people who worked throughout the Concept system and possibly even at other branches (non-Concept) of the Gulen-linked system. Once you start looking at actual names, those very same names turn up over and over and over.  "External" is very much esoteric designation in the "fantastically disorganized" universe in which these schools exist.

In other words, it seems highly unlikely to me that whatever the FBI is looking will be confined to the Concept charters.

The idea that they're looking at the system through a technology angle is a bit disturbing. More on that later. When you look at the modern history of the Movement, at least as it exists overseas, I think it's fair to say that technology does not bring out the best in them.

I'm refraining from more speculation at this time, but it isn't easy. If we could get a clearer picture of all of the facilities raided, that would help clarify exactly what the FBI is really looking at.

And kudos to Thomas Bruch of the PJ Star. He made a call, got a statement, and now we know a little more than we did before. 

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  1. external services are largely performed by gulenist own contractors (the caterers, janitorial services, even contractors that have built some of the substandard school buildings and sneak in dorms) are largely Gulen operated businesses so they keep the $$ within the family (no pun intended to the mafia) they form a business for that "service" and then grab the money. very little outsiders are used to perform services. if you haven't read the JL Johnson construction lawsuit (a sub contractor in Texas the Gulen Movement stiffed money from) you should. But they are taking American money and not putting back into American jobs or the community. It goes into their pockets to promote Turkey and Gulen. Then of grow more share of power and voice.