Thursday, November 7, 2013

How Bill Gates Bought CPS

Many, many excellent speakers at last night's Raise Your Hand Town Hall. I'm posting here an extended clip of Valerie Leonard, who gave a comprehensive overview of the Gates Compact, which has been driving public ed policy here for a few years now.

It's not too complicated: the Gates foundation dangled a bunch of money as a contest prize for cities; all the cities had to do was agree to the terms. The terms were all about opening a bunch of charter schools. CPS signed on to it under Brizard, and it appears to me that between the Gates Compact and the Broad playbook for school utilization, what we have is a cadre of two wealthy guys establishing CPS policy.

So, what you can see is that Bill and Melinda Gates have much, much more access to public policy than any registered voter here.  As for CPS leadership and management, their job is to follow orders, which they do well.

Valerie Leonard has been talking about the Gates Compact since it started. Google it. And here she is, with her handout below.

...and the handout.

For a little background,

Here's some 2011 coverage of the signing of the Gates Compact.

Here's some 2012 coverage of CPS losing out on the Gates bribe funding.

Here's Diane Ravitch in 2012 writing very bluntly about the Gates Compact.

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