Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm Declaring An Emergency

If this article is true, then it's time to get on the horn and tell your alderman to support these two Rule 41 maneuvers by Fioretti and Arena.

Fioretti is trying to get the TIFs audited, and the surpluses redistributed. Arena is calling for a citywide referendum on the elected school board.

If you live in a certain far north ward, there's an alderman who's always talking about choice. Well, with Arena's measure, people would get to express their choice on the matter of the elected school board across the city. As you may remember, a few of us walked around and got a similar question on the ballot in certain precincts in the 49th Ward. It passed by almost 90%.

His phone number is 773-338-5796.

Here's what you say: "I'm calling to let Joe know that I support Fioretti on the TIFs, and I support Arena on the Elected School Board ballot question, and I want Joe to support these things, too. There's no reason not to audit the TIFs, and there's no reason to deny the voters the chance to vote on the matter of an elected school board."

Of course, you'll be talking to someone employed by the very man who chose to bury an earlier city council measure that would have given people a chance to vote on whether or not democracy is a good thing.

But you gotta call. I've declared an emergency.

Also, if you haven't signed onto this petition, it only takes a sec.

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