Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 17 Play-In

Just passing this along. Sounds like a great idea in a world where the youngest kids are starting to take more and more tests for no reason

Wed., April 17 
125 S. Clark St.
CPS headquarters

Bring Play Back to Our Schools!

The PLAY IN is a kid-friendly event!  We will demonstrate the power of play to let the CPS Board of Education know that we want play back in our schools for all children.  Come by before report card pick up and bring something to play with---blocks, musical instruments, trucks, dolls, crayons and paper, puzzles, etc!

According to the United Nations, play is a child’s human right.  According to Mr. Rogers, play is the serious learning of childhood.

The youngest learners in Chicago Public Schools are facing multiple standardized tests—as many as 14 in some kindergarten classrooms, inappropriate amounts of seatwork, homework, and a lack of opportunities for play, exploration, and creativity.  The combination of the longer school day, an overly academic curriculum for the youngest learners, and high-stakes testing is turning our children's first learning experiences into an ordeal.  Opportunities for true free play are ever more rare in Chicago Public Schools.

We know that children learn through play. We know play is crucial to children's mental and physical health.  We want opportunities for free play, the arts, and active exploration returned to classrooms and schoolyards across this city.

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