Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scenes From The Uptown Rally and March Today

Here's a bit of a slide show from today's event in Uptown.

It was a terrific rally and march--- we made banners, listened to the Stewart band, had a press conference, and marched around the various parts of Uptown that are struggling to survive. "The stations of gentrification," is how I referred to it.  Stewart Elementary, The Men's Hotel, the former Hull House, and Stockton Elementary.

Karen Zaccor and Stavroula Harrisis from Northside Action put it together; the whole thing was the product of the ridiculous CPS community meeting for Stewart, where Tim Cawley and the new French procurement guy sat on the stage trying not to text during the extended silence.  Instead of bothering to pretend to be in a dialogue with CPS, we planned a rally instead.

We had a videographer working the event today; I'm looking forward to seeing his work.

Meanwhile, enjoy. Go full screen; you're worth it.

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  1. Excellent array of photos, Tim. They really tell the story of today's rally. Thank you for the fine images.