Thursday, January 23, 2014

Batavia Charter Forum A Wealth of Critical Research

U of I Associate Professor Christopher Lubienski and Dr. Jean Pierce, League of Women Voters, in Batavia.    
Just got back from Batavia, which is a lovely town, and yet another example of what a community will do to invest in public libraries when people have access to the political process. What a library! Rahm Emanuel would shut that thing down in ten minutes, or he'd outsource the librarians' jobs to volunteer missionaries.

Anyway, I have lots of video from the latest in research on charter schools, which I'll be getting ready to post on Saturday. It was a really fascinating forum; hopefully there's a bit of momentum behind the drive to get rid of the state charter school commission, which in my mind is the single most egregious affront to democracy that we have here in Illinois.

More tomorrow.

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