Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today Is Call-In Day

This from Raise Your Hand:

Make some calls today
Thanks to everyone who came out to the forum on charter expansion and impact to district schools last night. Thanks to Brighton Park Neighborhood Council for hosting and all the other partner organizations for collaborating. We had over 300 people at the forum. Here is some coverage:
Fox news:
Today we are asking you to make 3 important phone calls. CPS will vote on 21 new charter schools next week in addition to the 10 that have already been approved for next year. The district simply cannot afford this expansion without furthing harming existing schools. This is not about demonizing charter schools or asking anyone to take money away from existing charters. It’s about protecting and preserving our current system and investing and strengthening our schools rather than continuing to open new schools in deficit times.
  1. Call your Alderman today. Ask for support in halting charter expansion
  2. Call CPS Board President David Vitale – 773-553-1600 - strengthen existing schoools, stop charter expansion during broke times
  3. Call Mayor Emanuel: Stop Charter Expansion, Invest in District Schools - protect existing schools. Stop charter expansion during deficit times. 
The message that the district needs to expand charters because of waitlists has already been debunked. There are wait lists for all types of schools in CPS.

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