Friday, January 24, 2014

Video Here-- Gulen 101: Session One, With Sharon Higgins

Gulen 101 Session One With Sharon Higgins from Tim Furman on Vimeo.

This is the recording of our recent webinar, Gulen 101: Session One, with Sharon Higgins. Please share widely. It was a good first session, both for people new to the topic and for those already knowledgeable. We're having session two in March.

You'll have to adjust the sound from time to time; my editing time is limited and we were using multiple sound inputs across the country. Also, you'll notice that we've made the decision to cover certain videos and images rather than waste time arguing over fair use. I know from experience that copyright claims will be asserted, even if I'm sharing something freely posted online for the world to see. It's all part and parcel of the culture of secrecy and "strategic ambiguity" that makes it so hard to reconcile this particular social movement with the stewardship of American public schools.

Here is a punchlist of some of the videos that are covered in the web version of this webinar; you should check them out in context. It is likely that these videos will be taken down from Youtube or wherever they're hosted once individuals in the Movement figure out that they are referred to in this webinar. We have hard copies for future reference. I may have missed one or two; check back here for updates.

Portion of Gulen sermon
Portion of scholar Josh Hendricks talk at Rumi Forum 
Portion of Dr. Oz from Faces of America
Portion of Turkish Language Olympiad Missouri Finals
Portion of 4th New York Turkish Olympiads (student "whirling dervishes")
Portion of Actual Sema Ceremony (real "whirling dervishes")
Portion of TMSA Festival Students Dancing Semmame (Greensboro) 
Portion of TMSA Festival Turkish Song "Soyleymedim"(Greensboro)

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