Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Call To Action in Uptown

Solidarity From Whittier

I'm choosing to show an image of solidarity in Pilsen rather than footage from the mayor's attack on Whittier, footage that probably serves as some strange kind of pornography for Rahm Emanuel. The people of Whittier are strong; they're remarkable, in fact.

For me, the take-away message is this: no matter what promises you've won, be they written or verbal, from CPS, from this mayor, or from anyone who reports to him, eventually a Caterpillar bulldozer is going to show up and destroy the thing you're trying to save.

We ought to keep that in mind when we think that Gale Academy's western building--- which is a gem, and an integral space for that community school--- is safe from the hands of the privatizers, including our Alderman, Joe Moore.

It's no secret that he was supportive in the past of handing this building over to a charter. The question is, where is going to stand on the issue in the future? When I look at the dreadful events at Whittier, and I see who the alderman has aligned himself with on ed policy, I worry that it's only a matter of time before before some deal is struck in the shadows.

Anyway.. Karen Zaccor has issued a call to action for Uptown, and I'd like to pass it along here:

I’m sure that, like me, a lot of you are feeling heavy hearted right now.  This week judges ruled against us in the schools lawsuits, including the one filed by the staunch Trumbull parents.  In the wake of shuttering 50 schools, CPS announced an RFP to open more charters next year.  And now, under cover of darkness, CPS has gone back on a promise and razed the Whittier School field house which was home to a community center and the school library.  But this is all the more reason why we have to organize with other groups around the city to fight back against this onslaught of privatization.

Most of you have probably heard about the school boycott planned for August 28, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.  This action is being planned in concert with at least 25 other cities across the country.  We are meeting, primarily to identify what we can do to support, recruit for, and participate in the boycott. We also want to form a North Side Accountability Committee to help parents assess the state of their school after the cuts and closures.

This meeting is urgent.  If you cannot attend, please respond with what you can do:  attend the boycott, call parents from a list, go to a school (we are targeting the receiving schools on the North Side, which are Brennemann, Stockton (now called Courtenay), McCutcheon, and McPherson) with flyers.  If you have other ideas, we need to hear them.  Those of you who blog, etc., we need your help in getting the information out.

Planning Meeting for Boycott
Tuesday, August 20
6-7:30 p.m.
Edgewater Presbyterian Church
1020 W. Bryn Mawr
Invite others!  We need to grow this movement every way we can!
Keep strong,

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