Monday, August 12, 2013

Not With My Child: Diane Ravitch on Opting Out

Here's a nice conversation on The Chalk Face. Diane Ravitch is the guest, and she's talking about parents opting their children out of the coming round of standardized tests.

She points out the the recent collapse of test scores in New York is going to be duplicated around the nation, which is all part of the plan.

Ravitch gives an excellent primer on the political context in which all of this testing drama is taking place. It's worth a listen.

[I'm a fan of the hosts of this show, but for some reason they have a full minute of awful noise and then lots of meandering commentary before the meat of the show begins. They also had technical difficulties. The portion worth listening to starts at 8:42, so please skip the section before that, unless you have a lot of tolerance and almost nine minutes to burn.]

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