Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Lesson On Blight: Karen Zaccor At The Thompson Center

Our Uptown neighbor, Karen Zaccor, spoke yesterday at the Thompson Center. A coalition of groups, including Northside Action For Justice, which Karen facilitates.
One of the things we work on is making sure the TIFs get used for what they're supposed to be use for, and that is encouraging development in blighted areas.  
I looked up what "blight" means in the dictionary. It is "something that impairs growth, withers hopes and ambitions, or impedes progress and prosperity." 
This is exactly what Mayor Emanuel is doing to our schools with all these cuts and closings. He is turning our schools into blighted areas. So our schools are entitled to this TIF money.  
So, Attorney General Madigan, we need you to do the right thing and intervene on behalf of our children to make the information about the TIF surplus available to the public.  
Mayor Emanuel, we need you to do the right thing. Release the money to our schools. Make our children the number one priority. 

Check out all the other speakers here. 

This is the sort of work we're doing at RPNPS. Won't you consider consider joining us this fall? Get in touch:

Incidentally, who else is interested in asking our 49th ward alderman why he's not yet signed on to the TIF surplus ordinance sponsored by the Progressive Coalition, and which has been signed onto by at least 32 other aldermen? We haven't set up a meeting yet. 

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