Thursday, August 1, 2013

Can We Get A Follow-Up Here?

I didn't attend the budget hearing at Truman College tonight. I hear it laid an egg, as the governor might say. But after it was over, I saw this comment over at Diane Ravitch's place.

Mike Klonsky has been covering the $20m no-bid consulting crony contract story, here and here, a story which hasn't gotten a ton of traction yet, but I would love for someone with press credentials to scare an answer out of CPS about the four institutions involved in the $3.6m.

It might be legit, but we're living in boondoggle times, and this one should be explained before in goes down the memory hole.

Btw, I haven't yet written the piece about how much money our local  neighborhood schools have lost in this budget, but I'm hearing really, really high numbers. Nor have I pieced together the net gain for the charters, but I'm sure someone's on it.

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