Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Victory!


(EMERGENCY UPDATE. Raise Your Hand is reporting that the Charter Commission Bill already has a hearing in the Senate  TOMORROW!  It's called SB2627 in the Senate. THIS IS A MUCH MORE DANGEROUS HEARING because Senator Steans believes with every fiber of her being that an appointed commission ahould be able to overrule an elected school board!  We need to get on phones tonight AND DO SENATE WITNESS SLIPS.  Here is the one for this bill. 

I can't do one  on this phone. I may have to drive into town. Tell everyone. This is critical! I hate to turn a congratations post  into a Red Alert but these are strange times. We got the charter commission bill through the House; now let's get its Senate version out of committee. This is the real fight!  To the witness slips! To the phones!  

Here's my original post on HB 6005, the other huge bill we worked on 

Good job, witnesses. I'm told the Charter Accountability Bill HB6005 passed out of committee. 

How could it not? Half the state signed in as proponents. 

I have no other details at the moment because I'm up north in the woods. Back in a few days. 

We have to get the bill through the House now and over to the Senate. And we have other bills to push along, too. 

It's going to be a heavy lift but we absolutely can do it. RPNPS has already started an outreach for these good bills with school board members around the state. People are starting to wake up to the scams. They might still like charter schools, but nobody likes a scam. That's fair enough. 

Meanwhile, once a bill is out of committee, everyone can call his or her own representative and senator to ask for a committment to vote. 

That's all for now. Go celebrate; you did good. And Linda Chapa LaVia? A warrior, that one. 

Apologies for spelling errors. I typed this on my phone, and it's cold out here. And possibly there's a bear over by my truck. Did I mention it's also dark?  

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