Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Job On The Charter Commission Bill, Folks

Dang, we got a lot of hits today, thanks to the help of my grizzled blogger friend and over in Logan Square.* It looks like a bunch of people filled out witness slips.

I was fixing computers all day, so I didn't have a moment to listen to the testimony. Did you? I think it was on the General Assembly's audio feed. 

In any event, things are good. According to Wendy Katten, whose silent auction last night was for a moment the progressive capital of the western hemisphere, and who had some interesting auction items as well---

the charter commission bill seems to have passed out of committee. Yay!

Whatever the next step is, I'll try to keep you posted. This is a baby step, but it's a huge baby step. It's like a baby step for some monstrously large baby that you would be afraid of. Can you imagine this bill passing out of committee back in the early days of the privatization frenzy?

All of this is kudos to John Laesch, whose organization is spearheading a number of excellent take-back-the-schools bills.  And Linda Chapa LaVia, with whom I have disagreed but for whom I have great respect.

Well done, all. It may end up that Stand For Children dollars win the day in Speaker Madigan's House, but this bill's progress is a good, good thing.

And I apologize for calling Fred grizzled. 
* I see that the great Mike Klonsky also posted the Red Alert, which clearly put us over the top. And Mike is also grizzled, for the record.

NB: Here's the year-in-review video from last night's Raise Your Hand fundraiser. Enjoy!


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