Saturday, March 8, 2014

How I Vote Now, 2014 Primary

I've been filming my secret ballot for a few years now. Probably a bad idea, but it's a habit now. I took a Democratic ballot; the idea of playing three-dimensional chess in the Republican ballot was too depressing. These are just the highlights; I left out the water commissioners. And the judges. On the first page of the ballot, I counted three people who've received some kind of award from the Gulen Movement.

The only reason I participated in this primary was to vote against Paul Vallas, which I did for America.

This crowding out of the ballot questions---- to keep the elected school board matter off the ballot--- it's voter suppression, as I've said before. It's Rahm Emanuel deciding what you get to vote for and what you don't.

Music from Jamendo. I wish I had more to film, but we're living in strange times.

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