Friday, April 18, 2014

From The Vault: Absolutely Closing The Achievement Gap

No time to write, so I'm pulling stuff from the vault.

This one is a little clip of Arne Duncan talking to someone from Edutopia back in the day.

Absolutely closing the achievement gap. Absolutely.

Except later on in time, the University of Chicago figured out that the achievement gap was actually worse, as the award-winning Linda Lutton wrote about in 2011. 

I actually hate when people talk about "closing the achievement gap" because for me it's a red flag. It almost always signals that person talking is focused on the wrong things, and that somewhere down the line, the toughest kids who need the most and get the least are going to be dispersed from their neighborhood school and lost.

Red flags, red lights, red alerts. My blogging has developed a theme.

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