Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two Excellent Events To Attend

Thursday Night (4/24): Promoting Progressive, Democratic Education in an Era of Standardization with Ayla Gavins and Anne Ruggiero. Depaul Student Center, 6-9 PM . (See flyer above.)

Saturday Morning (4-26): A Quality Education For Every Child: How Do We Get There? With Pasi Sahlberg. Chopin Theater, 10:00 AM- Noon.

In a completely unrelated matter, I just spied this on Twitter.

Talk about an award you should politely reject! It may very well be that the person running the Niles Public Library social media account doesn't know that the IPI is a horrendously partisan outfit known for distortion and false outrage, so it's hard to be mad. But it's my opinion that we're living in an age where people need to be very, very cautious about accepting awards from groups they don't know very well. I think a good awards policy for public entities would be to reject any award from groups whose funders are not publicly listed, or whose board is not democratically elected by members. And I would also advise schools to politely reject awards from the CPS Board of Education, reject their Tier designations, and any other bits of false praise that are actually being used unfairly as a cudgel against another community somewhere else in the city. 

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