Friday, April 25, 2014

The Master Plan

Just wanted to post the Chicago Educational Facilities Master Plan, because it's hard to find and probably subject to random changes. This is the long range plan the district was required by statute to come up with--- I haven't had time to look through it for mention of the new north side selective enrollment school. As I recall, the district went to the legislature for an extension on the plan, and the extension was granted. So, I'm sure they needed the extra time to get the details of the new high school into the plan.

My guess is that the plan is probably written in such a way that any interpretation could be made of it. It really is quite a thing to find this plan online. Try it yourself and see if you agree. (It may take a moment to load.) My original intent was to look through it for the origins of the new selective enrollment high school, and if those details were missing, then that would confirm for me yet again that the mayor just makes sh*t up as he goes along.

It's hard to know when CPS updates this thing; I've seen different edit dates on different versions. In my mind, a plan is, you know, sort of fixed, and then when changes are proposed to the plan, those changes happen through a process, and everyone's aware of the process, etc. However, it appears to me that this plan possibly just changes whenever.

So maybe it's more like record of spontaneous decisions than it is a plan? Who knows. We need an elected school board.

There's also this monster document, which possibly changes all the time, too.

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